Protective Glass Coating

FormGlaze protective coating was originally developed for the Japanese nuclear industry to reduce the corrosive effects of calcium in the cooling pipes of the reactors.

Protection for glass other surfaces. Our on site service applies an invisible coating to your glass, protecting it against etching (cloudy appearance), corrosion and staining. Insuring your glass keeps that “as new” look for many years.

Easy to clean. The unique qualities of our coating make cleaning up to 90% easier, quicker and safer. Similar to cleaning a Teflon frying pan. It also reduces your cleaning costs. Once applied there is no need to use harsh chemical cleaners.

Help save our Environment. To clean your glass all you will need is, a biodegradable detergent and a loofah type, very soft scourer. Therefore no more toxic chemicals are being washed down our drains and into our waterways.

5 Year Guarantee. Our product bonds permanently to your glass with no “top ups” or after care regime. To the best of our knowledge no other product of its type offers any guarantee. The manufactures offer a 5 year guarantee (on all new glass). Accelerated tests show after 15 years the product only loses 18% of it efficiency.

Rough surface allows soap scum, mould & limescale to adhere build up & corrode the glass

Formglaze chemically fuses with the surface leaving a permanent non-stock barrier

cross section of glass

hydrophobic & oleophobic layer