The best way to bring light into an area is to add a beautiful wall mirror.

Artform has a huge range of framed mirrors on display in their showroom. The range offered varies from ornate, vintage, traditional, ultramodern to a more contemporary look. If you do not find what you are looking for in the showroom Artform is happy to custom make a mirror to any size you like, with the hundreds of frame samples on offer.

Imagine being able to tie in any colour you desire!

A properly placed mirror can become the new window in your home, by reflecting a view the mirror becomes your new artwork!

Framed mirrors are particularly beautiful when hung in an entry way over a piece of furniture or on a mantle. Modern bathrooms can look stunning when a framed feature mirror is added. Artform have a large range of dress mirrors to add a little style to your bedroom.

Custom made glass backed mirrors can be added to your home reflecting either texture or colour. Border tile colours or splashback colours can be harmonised with the colour selected to sit behind your mirror.

Unframed mirrors can give your room a sleek and sophisticated look, choose from polished edges or bevelled edges to give the mirror a more lavish look. Mirror walls are a very popular way to increase light, open up a room, to trick the eye into thinking a space is much larger than it actually is.

With a creative design team and knowledgeable qualified glaziers Artform will have the perfect mirror to suit any space.

Artform is very experienced in custom making mirror walls for gymnasiums, hallways, studios, bathrooms and just about any room you can think of. Their exceptional team can take care of the measuring and installation of your mirrors. Their expertise goes so far as to be able to measure and install the wing mirror for your car.

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