Accommodation: How is a hotel different from a motel?

The perfect trip … What is it? Of course, everyone has their own idea of ​​a perfect vacation. Good weather conditions, lots of fun, convenient way to travel – all these factors, of course, contribute to the best impressions of the trip. However, if after a busy day the tourist can not sleep well, all the positive emotions received by him dissipate like smoke. Moreover, problems and inconveniences during sleep can nullify the whole vacation. So it turns out that quality rest is impossible without a good night. Fortunately, today the options where a tourist can spend the night and not even one – a great force. But hotels and motels are the most popular for accommodation. 

But why still prefer? To get an answer to this question, it is necessary to understand how one place of rest differs from another. We will talk about it further.

Hotel Accommodation: what is it and how did it appear?

Prototypes of modern hotels appeared in the Middle Ages. In those distant times, they were called county or inns and served as a place to spend the night for merchants and other travelers. And only in the XIX century, such buildings have received approximately the form that is known today. After some time, they became known as hotels. And a little later there was a system of their classification depending on the level of services provided – the same famous stars.

Currently, hotels are modern buildings with a developed infrastructure, the rooms of which are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. You can stay here for one night or for a longer time. The cost of hotel accommodation is calculated based on the category of room and the level of service provided. It is worth noting that it differs depending on the number of stars awarded to the institution. The more of them, the more additional “benefits” of civilization a tourist will receive.

Yes, in hotels with one or two stars you can count on a minimum of services: room cleaning and breakfast. Three- and four-star hotels often have a swimming pool, laundry, and a small cafe. While in luxury facilities you can visit a restaurant, spa, exercise, steam in the sauna, and even organize a business meeting in the conference room.

What is motel accommodation and how is it different from hotel accommodation?

So how is a hotel accommodation different from a motel accommodation? Before naming the main differences between hotels and motels, first of all, it is advisable to understand what kind of buildings they are. And how they appeared. Thus, the term “motel”, which came into everyday use not so long ago, is of American origin and is interpreted as a roadside hotel.

Its appearance was provoked by a sharp increase in the number of cars on the roads. These vehicles traveled, moved from place to place, delivered various goods and food. All this took some time. Sometimes drivers were on the road for days or even weeks. So at night, they needed somewhere to rest. It is a demand that gave rise to supply. This is how the establishments called “motor hotel accommodation” appeared. However, after a while, this phrase was reduced to the usual word motel.

There are several fundamental differences between a modern motel and a hotel. They are as follows:

  • In the location. Usually, such places of accommodation are placed above highways and are equipped with big and bright signs thanks to what it is possible to see them directly from the car. Another plus of this motel location – you do not have to drive into the city, and therefore wander the unfamiliar roads. Alternatively, the room can be reached directly from the car park. Unlike motels, hotels are always located within the city, as a result of which the cost of their rooms is slightly higher;
  • In service. Hot shower and “warm” bed – all that can expect a guest of the motel, who stayed here for the night. Only a small breakfast is available from the additional list. The situation with the list of services in hotels is quite different. Here it is diverse and depends on the star rating of the hotel. The more stars in the institution, the more additional services the vacationer will receive;
  • During the stay. The difference between a motel and a hotel is that the former mainly become a place of night rest for guests, while the latter stay for a longer time;
  • In the type of structure. The differences between the hotel and the motel are also reflected in the peculiarities of their architecture. Most roadside hotels are one- or two-story buildings with access to the parking lot, less often – U-shaped buildings with parking in the courtyard. Hotels have a more complex architecture. They consist of a large number of floors and levels, thus accommodation in a large number of guests;
  • In guests. Another characteristic feature that distinguishes a hotel and a motel is the category of customers who settle in them. Due to the low cost, roadside hotels attract bikers, truckers, and novice tourists. In hotels on the contrary – more affluent travelers stop;
  • In infrastructure. The hotel has a huge infrastructure (laundry, restaurant, beauty salon, massage parlor, spa, etc.) that makes the rest of the tourists even more comfortable. Unlike hotels, the infrastructure in motels is less developed. However, there are catering establishments, gas stations, and service stations near them. And the presence of parking in the immediate vicinity of the place of accommodation, of course, contributes to the quiet rest of the car owner;
  • in the cost. Room price is another no less significant difference between a motel and a hotel. Given that the roadside hotel provides a minimum number of services, rent a room here will be “affordable” for everyone. What can you say about the hotel? To settle in one of its rooms, will have to spend a little.

And to choose a hotel or to choose a motel, depends on the situation, the expected level of comfort, and your ability to pay.

Motel or hotel accommodation: where to stay?

Going on vacation, a trip, or even a regular business trip, every tourist wonders: how not to be mistaken with the choice of “roof over your head” – a place for day and night recreation? It should be said that in this case, it all depends on the preferences of the traveler. So, for example, if his goal is to relax and sleep before a long journey while spending a minimum of money, then a room in an inexpensive roadside motel will suit him perfectly.

In that case, if the guest’s priority is maximum comfort, then it is better to rent a room in a modern hotel, such as, for example, the hotel complex “Hetman”, located in the picturesque suburbs of Lviv. Comfortable rooms for every taste and budget developed infrastructure (chic restaurant, cozy banquet hall, spacious conference hall),

Rob Prosser