Bathroom Renovation: 10 things you need to know before transforming

Bathroom renovation of the old bathroom area to make it more attractive to use. Allocated to be beautiful and meet the needs of living. There are many factors to consider. For all of this, we have gathered information. 

With tips for bathroom renovation on a new bathroom that can be done easily. Create a new atmosphere for you.

1. Let’s start with the expense budget.

Before starting your bathroom renovation. Budgeting Calculating the cost is the first important part. Is something that will bring your imagination image into your head. Take into account the budget you will have to pay. Both matters of bathroom size. The quality of the various materials selected everything affects the cost of the new bathroom.

2. Placement of the bathroom and the original floor structure

Coming to the process of exploring your old bathroom space.¬†On the part of the old water supply and sanitation system.¬†There is a water pipe or sewage pipe in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe toilet that is being renovated.¬†Will, there be any additional sections or is there a migration?¬†If there is a change in position¬†Is there a possibility?¬†

To connect the pipes to the said area because the location of the original treatment pond is important If it is close to the new location, it will be convenient to run the pipe. But if it is far away, it should be considered that the slope of the pipe is sufficient to drain the contents. Is it easy to lose? 

Which next factor like the original structure if the position to move or have to expand the bathroom renovation is cast concrete. That would be best suited especially in the wet but if it is a precast concrete slab or wooden floor should be aware of the problem of water leakage along the joints between the floor tiles. But in this case, it is recommended to divide the area into wet and dry areas clearly. And make the waterproofing system properly.

3. The direction of lighting in the bathroom.

If the bathroom renovation receives natural light will help make the bathroom area look bright and clear or if in the bathroom renovation you have a large mirror installed. By opting for a LED wall light installed on the edge of the mirror, the space in the corner will appear airy and light and will be perfect for your daily routine such as makeup, brushing, etc.

4. Know about the standard size of the sanitary ware or various items in the bathroom.

In addition to the areas that we have already considered. Another important thing is knowing the standard sizes of sanitary ware such as washbasins, toilet bowls, shower wall sets, faucets, and area sizes. To allocate space inside the bathroom Including the design of various angles that will help you to plan this new bathroom renovation effectively.

5. Selection of appropriate materials.

After having a bathroom renovation design that will be done. Another thing to keep in mind is the selection of materials. To be suitable for use such as ceramic tiles that in addition to enjoying the selection of patterns according to the desired design. Must take into account the use as well polished surface tiles should not be used for flooring, wet areas, etc. Therefore, information must be made for each product. 

6. Investment with good quality materials.

Of course, investing in quality inevitably affects the long term of living regardless of the area in your home like this new bathroom renovation. If choosing good quality materials in addition to enhancing the quality of functions in daily use. Meets convenient and has long durability it also creates the beauty and the atmosphere of your own style as well.

7. Choosing a counter in the bathroom

For bathroom renovation design, choosing to have a countertop in the sink section. In addition to creating beauty in the design of the bathroom space. Also makes the arrangement of all belongings look simple, elegant, airy, orderly, suitable for use as well.

8.Water and wastewater pipes installation

If the installation of bile ducts and various sewage pipes with the new bathroom area It needs to be placed in a new location. If the wall cannot be extracted to run the pipe. Then use the method of installing a small frame inside the bathroom and another layer of light wall paneling Then, the internal pipe is routed between the original wall and the light wall. This is a method that simplifies the extraction of the original wall. It also helps the walls remain neat and beautiful. There is no floating pipe system that is cluttered as well.

9. Change from bathtub to shower wall set.

Modification from the bathtub to shower set. Do you know that you can save space in the bathroom on a larger scale, making your bathroom renovation look more spacious and clear?

10. More than one airflow method

Ventilation is one of the things that will make our bathrooms airy, relax and reduce the humidity that is the source of the mold in the bathroom. Which way to reduce moisture well. There are a variety of ways to install a ventilation fan outside. Without venting up under the roof or installing a window that can be opened in the bathroom

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Rob Prosser