When we are going to buy an engagement ring, it is normal to have doubts, both when it comes to the design of the jewel, as well as the technical characteristics and the materials from which it is made, as well as the price.

For this reason, at Leonards Jewellers we are going to answer some of the doubts that assail us when buying the engagement ring.

How big should the diamond in my engagement ring be?

As we know, diamonds base their value on the combination of 4 characteristics, the so-called 4cs (in English: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut), or what is the same: cut, color, purity and weight. Therefore, each one of them is decisive in the final result of our gem.

But within these characteristics, the most visible to the inexperienced eye of the client is, without a doubt, the size of the diamond, that is, its weight.

First of all, we must indicate that diamonds have “carats” as a unit of weight, to get an idea, the carat is equivalent to one fifth of a gram, or what is the same, five carats are equivalent to one gram.

It is true that there are other measures of weight in diamonds, such as grams, although these are more reserved for the world and professional terminology.

The truth is that, when we decide to acquire a diamond solitaire as an engagement ring, we do not know very well what is the most appropriate size for, without being ostentatious, not to fall short of a jewel of such importance.

What would be the right diamond size for an engagement ring?

To answer this question, logically, the first thing that we would have to recommend from our firm Leonards Jewellers, is from what size would a suitable engagement ring be, since it is understood that the larger the diamond, the more important the order ring.

The recommendation from the Leonards Jewellers team is that the minimum size for the engagement ring is a half carat diamond (0.50ct). This diamond, which contains a diameter of 5.2mm, where it is already a highly visible gemstone, but above all because according to the criteria of the diamond-bearing world, from this weight, the diamond is considered an “diamond investment”, that is, capable of being acquired and sold individually.

Obviously and despite all this, we have to know that when buying an engagement ring we have as our main limitation the budget we have allocated for this jewel.

In conclusion and as a final piece of advice regarding gemstones, in traditional engagement rings the perfect diamond size is undoubtedly the one that is one carat or slightly exceeds this weight.

These tips have a general nature, we have to make it clear, in the sense that it is applicable to the vast majority of cases, but from Leonards Jewellers, we advise you that in addition to everything previously said, that you have to take into account the size of the finger or the morphology of this, as well as the design of the jewel, which will determine whether our choice should be more aimed at half a carat or 1 carat. Logically, the first one more intended for small measurements or fingers less long than usual.

The main advantage of acquiring the order ring at Leonards Jewellers is, without a doubt, being able to receive, prior to the purchase, free advice from the firm’s professional staff in the different showrooms spread throughout Australia, with the Same guarantees and benefits as if the purchase were entirely online.

Finally, one last essential recommendation, and that is that each client, when acquiring a diamond engagement solitaire, must receive the certification of the diamond when it exceeds half a carat by an independent valid international gemological institute.

Although Leonards Jewellers makes its own certificate that guarantees and informs about the qualities of the jewels in all its pieces, but also, if the client wishes, it provides the client with access to the independent international certificate.

In short, and logically respecting the budget with which we start to acquire our engagement ring, our recommendation is that the diamond be from 0.50 to 1 carat as the ideal engagement ring, assessing if you consider it together with our commercial team which It is the most suitable measure for our fiancée. Acquiring a jewel at our online store Leonards Jewellers is acquiring an engagement ring with a guarantee, knowing that we are buying a quality jewel at the best price.

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Rob Prosser