Diamonds that became famous

Among the diamonds, there are many celebrities with a history. The most famous is Koh-i-nor. Over the centuries, he changed owners and the country. 

In addition, the following diamonds became famous:

  • Orlov. Legend has it that this diamond was once the eye and the queen ordered to put him in the scepter, where he is now.
  • “Regent”. It was found in 1701 in India. Its original weight is 401 carats. The owner ordered to make a perfect diamond out of the diamond, spending 5,000 pounds on it. The diamond weighs 140.5 carats. Then the stone was inserted into the crown of Louis XIV, and during the revolution, it was stolen, but changed their minds and returned back. 

“Girls’ best friends are diamonds” – a phrase from the song by Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” The singer’s jewelry is not a cinematic props, but a diamond donated by Meyer Rosenbaum. The purpose of this generous act is to help advance the picture.

Diamonds are an inexhaustible topic. Books and treatises are dedicated to them. They become heroes of films and books. If someone confesses his dislike of them, it means that he simply did not hold in his hands a perfect diamond, playing in the sun with all colors.

This is also a diamond, but polished and faceted. But this can only be called a stone cut into a special diamond shape with 57 facets. This is a type of cut, not a material. For example, a ruby ​​can also be a diamond, but then it is necessary to indicate the material from which it is made. In the case of diamond, the name of the mineral is usually overlooked.

This type of cut is not the only one for a diamond, but it brings out the play of light better than others. The ray that entered the crown is reflected from the edges and scattered, dispersion of light occurs, which we see in the form of rainbow rays playing in the stone. When cutting a diamond stone, it is important to observe proportions so that iridescent highlights play on the entire surface of the stone. A stone that is too tall or too low will create empty areas.

Diamonds stones are priced according to the 4C principle. Weight, cut, color, clarity are evaluated

  • Gemstones are measured in carats. One carat is 200 mg. The most common stones weigh 0.1 carats. The price for it is about $ 200. Over one carat – $ 5,000. Further, up to 5 carats, the price increases in proportion to the weight. For larger stones, the intensity of price increases is reduced as demand for them is limited.
  • The cut is of great importance, as any misalignment of proportions will rob the stone of its rainbow highlights. Quality is rated on a five-point scale from benign to ideal.
  • There are nine diamond colors in total. The most valuable ones are colorless and blue. They are called stones of pure water. Saturated red or green diamonds are rare and expensive. Yellowish stones are the least valuable.
  • Mineral purity – no defects. These include foreign inclusions, cracks, cracks, air bubbles. The clarity is determined by increasing the diamond 10 times. There are 11 assessment groups in total, ranging from internally flawless to imperfect.

It is not only a magic stone but also a symbol. At various times, it meant strength of character, courage, constancy, power, joy, wealth, and pride.

It has the following magical properties:

  • removes disease;
  • bestows courage and courage in battle;
  • does not allow to indulge in sins;
  • protects from witchcraft;
  • helps to develop spiritually;
  • invigorates and pleases, gives optimism.

Especially suitable for men. They become confident and decisive with him, quickly achieve their goals, and achieve financial well-being. Women under the influence of diamond become refined and graceful. He helps them find a common language with men, awakens sensuality, and passion.

However, it is not suitable for every person. He has the peculiarity of helping only noble and strong personalities endowed with inner greatness. People who are full of bad intentions will only get problems from a diamond. Perhaps, for this reason, there are so many stories about cursed jewels that brought trouble to the person who stole them.

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