Home Automation: Technology ahead of the future

Nowadays, technologies of home automation are developing every minute.¬†Innovations are created to make our life easier, more comfortable, and more convenient.¬†Who would have thought in the 20th century that we can communicate with people from another continent without any difficulties, equip our homes with one click of the mouse, and all savings are “placed” in some kind of thin plastic card?

The construction industry has never lagged behind IT trends and the proof of this is the automation of all processes. The home automation system has become a revolutionary solution Рall the necessary tasks that previously had to be solved with the help of many accessories are collected on one panel.

There are many complex control systems on the market. Starting from the automation of door systems, continuing with roller shutters and awnings, the company decided to integrate its solutions and create one panel that will coordinate the work of all automation inside and outside your home. Now every electrical device can become part of a complex Рan indispensable system for modern life.

Home automation should be designed at the stage of construction or renovation and involves very painstaking work. To begin with, a sketch project is created, which describes in detail each detail, its location, and function. The project also tells about the interactions of all elements. 

After agreeing on the sketch, a work plan is developed, which is a picture of your already home automation with the developed scenarios and all the components that will be required to create your home automation system. Only thoughtful and clear steps to create an integrated system are the key to the high-quality, durable, reliable, and uninterrupted operation of all functionality.

System controls are convenient and familiar gadgets. Using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer, provided you are connected to the Internet, you will be able to control your home from a distance without restrictions: you forgot to close the gate or turn off the light, all this is fixable. The home automation wall-mounted touch panel allows you to control a home automation system inside your home. In order not to differ from the room design, it is possible to choose a frame for the screen. Real photographs of your premises will help you manage the home automation system.


With the help of scripts, you create a set of actions that are aimed at optimizing many movements into one.

“Nobody is at home”

The system automatically closes garage and entrance gates, roller shutters and blinds, turns on burglar alarms and technical safety, video surveillance, maintains the optimal temperature in the house, turns off electrical appliances that do not need to be turned on, as well as lights.


On startup, all functions that you wrote in this script are resumed. Security and technical alarms are turned off, the temperature in the house is resumed to a comfortable one, shutters/blinds/awnings are opened at will. According to your habitual lifestyle, home automation can turn on the TV, music, fireplace, or lights in separate rooms.

“I go to bed”

With just one button, you will create a cozy and comfortable environment for sleeping: turn off the lights and electrical appliances, close roller shutters or awnings, create a comfortable microclimate in the house. Only technical security remains on, which will give a signal about malfunctions and an alarm (notification and video filming of the area outside and inside the house).

Comprehensive automation

With the help of the home automation system, control of automation will become one level easier and more convenient, regardless of whether you are near or at a distance from home.

For entrance and garage doors, opening or closing the gate will be much more convenient using the touch panel or a standard wall-mounted device. If you forgot to close the gate and are far from home, you can control the system from your mobile phone or PC via the Internet.

Roller shutter systems and awnings are integrated using scripts. You set the opening of all roller shutters, blinds, or awnings, or, if you wish, you open/close individual sections using a stationary panel or remotely from a mobile/computer.

Safety with every movement

Safety is an integral part of the automatic system.

  • The security alarm, equipped with sensors and detectors, allows you to protect against unauthorized intrusions.¬†Integration with the home automation system makes it possible to determine which receiver the alarm is coming from, and the video cameras instantly display the area where the movement is taking place.¬†You also receive alerts about the intrusion on your phone, tablet, or computer – you will always be aware of what is happening inside and outside your home.
  • Optimization of energy consumption.¬†The company analyzes the excess consumption on the network and fixes the problem to avoid overload and network outages.¬†The system takes care of the equipment that can be damaged during power outages.
  • A technical alarm is any malfunction associated with water or gas leakage, short circuit, and fire.¬†The sensors react to a number of factors related to technical malfunctions in the house and immediately notify the owner of the problem via SMS or e-mail in order to quickly avoid the problem and not lead to large-scale accidents.

Solution for comfort

The home automation integration system ensures that you live comfortably in your home, therefore, has developed a number of functions to facilitate this.

  • Lighting.¬†You can select the scenario or by pressing the sensor to turn off / on / dim the lights throughout the house or in individual rooms.¬†There is also a time scheduling function.¬†With RGB lighting and color control, you will create a unique ambiance.
  • Climate.¬†Seamless integration puts your entire home in the palm of your hand.¬†One device, regardless of whether you are at home, on a walk, or at work, will create the optimal temperature for the given parameters.¬†The climate function is also included in the scenarios.
  • Sound.¬†When you want to relax, you can tune any audio device to the desired volume and enjoy your favorite melody.

Management of the Home Automation system will allow integrating:

  1. Entrance gate
  2. Comprehensive audio management
  3. Garage Doors
  4. Security alarm
  5. Energy optimization and technical safety support
  6. Comprehensive lighting control
  7. Roller shutter systems
  8. Climate control system
  9. Awning systems
  10. Integrated outdoor lighting control
  11. Irrigation system

Rob Prosser