Ideas to Best Bathroom Renovation without works

When thinking about a Bathroom Renovation, cumbersome works with noise, dirt, raised tiles come to mind … However, if the objective of the bathroom reform is not to fix something damaged but simply to give it a new look, it is not necessary to get into great works . With a few materials and accessories you can completely renovate the bathroom without much hassle.

1. Place Vinyl Tiles :

Tiles are the most outstanding decorative element of any Bathroom Renovation, but over time their color or shape can tire. To renew its appearance without changing them (something that would imply an expensive and cumbersome work) vinyl tiles can be placed on top .

Vinyl tile catalogs currently offer a wide variety of shapes, colors and designs that allow you to give different styles to the bathroom Renovation . Placing them is very simple, since they can be cut to size and glued with the adhesive that is included. They are resistant to humidity and can be placed on floors and walls.

2. Paint :

Color is an ally of different styles. It is not the same to use bright and vivid colors as blacks and whites. To change the look of the Bathroom Renovation you can paint its different elements, from the furniture to the bathtub. If the walls are not tiled, painting them will be very easy, since it will be enough to choose a paint that resists humidity well . To make the walls more beautiful you can use templates to add shapes.

However, changing the color of the rest of the bathroom elements is not very complicated either. There are special paints for tiles, others for painting ceramic surfaces (such as bathtubs or sinks) and even markers to color the joints of the tiles. The appearance of the furniture can be changed thanks to ‘chalk paint’ .

3. Bathroom Renovation Accessories :

The simplest and cheapest way to renovate the bathroom is to replace the accessories with new ones. Lights, towel racks, soap dishes, shower curtains, shelves, mirrors … are generally cheap elements that can give a new touch to the bathroom. In many cases it is not even necessary to drill the wall to install them , since there are special adhesives that can support their weight.

A very useful accessory that can be added is the electric towel rack . It will not aesthetically Bathroom Renovation but it will make it more practical, since it dries the towels while they are hanging. Its installation is not complicated, since it will only have to be placed near a plug.

4. Introduce Or Change Furniture :

If the furniture is too small or outdated, it is very easy to change it for another one. Just go to a store and choose the one that best suits the style you are looking for . In many cases these pieces of furniture can be assembled by yourself, even if they go under the sink.If you don’t want to change the furniture but lack storage space, you can add a small wheeled cart or shelf with baskets in a corner.

5. Install Glass Panels :

Glass panels are very fashionable and add a touch of color to the bathroom, they are already available in multiple shades. These panels can be used, for example, to separate the toilet area from that of the sink without resorting to a partition . They can also be placed on the back wall of the shower or bath to make it stand out from the rest. Cleaning will not be a problem, since the glass is easily maintained with a damp cloth and glass cleaner.

If you are interested in installing a glass panel to color the bathroom, you can turn to the professionals at . On your website you can personally configure the panel, choosing the measurements, color and shape. Later you can install it yourself or request the measurement and placement service. These panels are manufactured by Devitro Europa , a company that you can find in the Polígono Industrial Asegra Av. De Córdoba, 26, 18210, Peligros (Granada).

Jeremy Dawes