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At motorbike spares we know that Christmas and the Three Kings are very close and we do not want any child to be left without their gift. That is why we have renewed our stock of Racing minibikes , so that the customer does not have any problem in choosing the mini bike that they like best.

The mini cross and minibikes have become in recent years in this different and original gift that our children deserve. There are not a few clients who come to Motos , either to our Pol. FedEx facilities or to our website , to make those Christmas purchases for the little ones in the house. And within that catalog of cheap mini bikes for children, we have to highlight the mini bikes.

In Motorcycles you will find a multitude of models of mini bikes, both electric and gasoline. As we know that it is not easy to choose one or the other, on the Racing blog we advise you on choosing that first mini motorcycle. We have renewed the stock of highly demanded vehicles that all customers like a lot, such as:

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Minimoto motorbike spares

It is one Gp Mini motoof the lowest on the market, with a height from the ground to the seat of about 45cm. A vehicle capable of reaching 60 km / h.

The motorbike spares ,the best-selling mini bikes

Within this wide catalog of mini bikes, we must highlight the mini cross. Mini dirt bikes have become one of the most popular vehicles. Thanks to their larger size than GP-type mini bikes, they can be used for longer and with greater comfort.

In addition, its cross wheels allow it to circulate on all types of terrain. Something very important for this type of off-road vehicle, since they cannot be used on public roads, only in private areas and closed circuits. We have new units of:

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Motorcycle Eco Minicross .

Eco Mini cross The cheapest model of dirt bike. Ideal for the beginnings of the little ones in the world of mini bikes.

Minicross spare 27

The new 2016 model of this children’s cross bike was the best-seller Mini cross 27 of the year. With its 10 ″ wheels, limiter and excellent value for money, it is the favorite of the public.

Jeremy Dawes