The Perfect Best Roof Restoration For Commandments

In this blog, several columnists have already mentioned the Roof Restoration work on their homes , and how this subject was central to the concerns and schedules of the slightly crazy people who decided to throw themselves headlong into the big ones. works !With my darling, we were among the a little crazy people who, knowing little about it (even a slab) but optimistic by nature (and especially naive), think that the Roof Restoration of a house is doable finger in the nose. History of having a beautiful “DIY” house to their liking and of saving money, all in record time. Naive, I told you …

As the subject has already been broached several times (and if you really want to know everything about making a good coating, I advise you instead to refer you to a specialized blog, your advisor-salesman at Casto, or contact me directly – I have become a great expert!), I wanted to talk to you instead about the impact that life in the works Roof Restoration can have on your real life, the one before the construction site!To allow you to better understand the context of my story, let me all the same, by way of introduction, present my experience to you.

With my darling, we bought a house from 100% original. On the program, therefore:

  • Redo the roof insulation,
  • Change the windows to put in double glazing,
  • Insulate the walls from the inside,
  • Redo the electricity,
  • Redo part of the plumbing,
  • Remove all original tapestries and carpets,
  • Build a toilet upstairs,
  • Completely redo the bathroom,
  • Completely redo the kitchen,
  • Open a bar between the kitchen and the dining room,
  • Transform the garage into a laundry room on one side, and open it to enlarge the living room on the other (hello the load-bearing wall, I see you!),
  • Bridge the difference in levels (two steps) between the living room and the dining room,
  • Redo all the ceilings, all the walls and all the floors in all the rooms (it’s a single line in my listing but in fact it’s very long – the plaster is my friend),
  • Change all radiators,
  • Transform the terrace into a veranda,
  • Make an extension on the front …
Roof Restoration

After moving in in December and spending the winter without a heater and without a kitchen, I can proudly announce that we are “only” missing the last four items on my list. This concretely means that we have for the moment Roof Restoration only three finished rooms: the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilets.Our boxes and furniture piled up under a pretty tarpaulin occupy the living room , which is therefore impractical, and one of the bedrooms. 

We return to our beginnings as a couple in my small studio and concentrate all our activities in a single room, which Roof Restoration therefore serves as a Roof Restoration / dining room / living room / office (I am teleworking). Practical in winter to keep the heat, much less pleasant when you exceed 38 °!Now that we have made the tour of the owner (ha ha), let’s get to the heart of the matter: what consequences when we embark Roof Restoration on major works, or the twelve commandments of the perfect handyman.

1. In The Dust You Will Live :

Red brick dust, white plaster dust, wood or paint dust, your keen eye (and especially your nose) will recognize them.No need to vacuum, unless you invest in a real construction vacuum cleaner, because the dust is too fine, and everything that enters on one side will come out on the other in a big and beautiful cloud! You can always try the broom, as long as you pass it several times a day for it to be really effective.Another solution when, after a few weeks, you will end up giving up: let the dust accumulate to form beautiful sheep, easier to clean… Flemmarde, me?

2. Clean Clothes, You Will Wear :

Or at least you will try, because dust seeps everywhere, even in cupboards and inside boxes.You can always caulk the entrance to your “living room” with tarpaulins, blankets and tape, as soon as you enter this oasis, your clean clothes will not last long (especially if you have a dusty dog ​​who comes to rub against you)!To try to maintain Roof Restoration proper attire, just to be able to leave your home without having the impression of having a big sign “I live in a construction site” around your neck, I have no solution, except maybe Be sure to use a good cloth, be careful not to touch anything, not to rub against Roof Restoration the plaster walls and to dust yourself permanent

3. Every Day, You Will Roof Restoration Tidy Up :

Living in a construction site, yes, but a tidy site!Have you ever found yourself barefoot in the middle of the night in a living room plagued with legos? So imagine with screwdrivers, spatulas and bags of cement! To avoid accidents, it is better Roof Restoration to be orderly.And then, nothing is more annoying than spending half of your time looking for your tools, when you already have little time to devote to the work. You might as well spend it on more productive things than sander hunting.

4. Of Your Tools, You Will Take Care :

Tools are important! In order not to waste time unnecessarily, it is better to have good ones.And as that also has a cost in a work budget, it is better to take Roof Restoration care of it! No need, for the sake of savings, to take the low end: it will have to be bought several times and it will be more expensive in the end.Don’t be like me, don’t be fooled by the irresistible desire for a little break, certainly well deserved, after a painting session! The task is only finished once the tools have been cleaned and put away … Otherwise, we end up having to throw away irrecoverable brushes because they are all dry!

5. The Prepared Meals, You Will Discover :

With a gas camping and microwave as a kitchen, goodbye to the big kitchen!Anyway, after a hard day’s Roof Restoration work, we usually don’t really want to start making a coq au vin! We have never eaten so much ready meals, cans, pizzas and sushi!

6. Your Weekends, You Will Forget :

It sounds silly, but you have to be aware of it: your work will occupy a central place in your free time …Goodbye romantic getaways, green weekends, outings with friends and long weekends! Your weekends will Roof Restoration rather bear the sweet name of work planning! It is even very likely that you also lose your evenings during the week.

So much so that after months the head in the handlebars, you risk facing a period of annoyance and doubt. Like: “But why we embarked on this rotten project, we will never succeed, I have no more strength, my arms refuse to carry another cinder block! “This is the signal: it’s time to take a well-deserved break, and spend a weekend doing nothing, if possible away from your home Roof Restoration so as not to feel guilty for not moving forward! Who wants to travel far takes care of his mount, and there, believe me, you’re off on a long adventure!

7. Your Productivity At Work, Lower You Will See :

Unless you’re Superman, when you do your work during the week, and evenings and weekends on a construction site, it’s difficult to keep up … you are not immune to the pump!After the third story of plaster, your stories on Monday morning at the coffee machine cease to excite your colleagues! Between two files, you spot the faucet sales on private sale sites, and you drool with envy in front of the color chart of paintings from Casto. If on top of that, you know Pinterest and you’re addicted to blogging, you’re screwed!In short, as during the organization of your wedding, your productivity drops, and your fingers crossed so that your boss does not see it too much.

8. Lots Of New Things, You Will Learn :

Starting with the first names of the sales advisers at your favorite DIY store, whom you will visit regularly. Sometimes more than once a week. Even several times in the same day if you are a burden …You will also learn a new vocabulary, to speak to artisans Roof Painting without appearing to be a tourist. You will learn to organize your work schedule. And above all, you will learn to do a lot of things yourself, more or less complicated, and you will realize that you are capable of it! Youhou!Frankly, being able to explain to your colleagues the differences between several types of plasterboard during the coffee break, that’s class!

9. Sport, You Will Do :

Wearing concrete blocks, painting the ceilings, sanding the walls, preparing the plaster… all that is good for the biceps, back and abs! Without realizing it, and without having to pay an overpriced subscription to the gym, you are going to sculpt yourself a great musculature.You play sports and your house is moving Roof Restoration forward, it’s two-in-one! If you are fed up with the work, you can always tell yourself that it is equivalent to a workout, it motivates!

10. Your Couple, You Will Preserve :

Busy evenings and weekends, a life in the dust, limited outings and ready meals eaten in a hurry… it’s not very glamorous. Without counting the Roof Restoration clashes to know in which direction to lay the parquet, if the tint of the tiles is too light, if we have not taken too late on the schedule and who is responsible for the paint which is blistering.

Like the sharing of household chores, the sharing of work can be a source of tension, and we quickly blame the other for doing too much or not enough, for being too much or not enough perfectionist, etc. In short, living together on the site can be a test for the couple! And when we are tired and stiff, we can count less on reconciliations on the pillow!For our part, we have not escaped the headaches. But we remember Roof Restoration regularly that we embarked on this project because we love each other and want to start a family. And our relationship is stronger than ever!

Roof Restoration

11. Your Social Life, Put Aside :

Insofar as accessing the microwave to heat your frozen Picard is an obstacle course, entertaining friends in your home is a sweet utopia. Fortunately, if you have a garden that is a little more practicable, the arrival of sunny days can sign the return of aperitifs and allow you to reconnect with your loved ones.There is also the solution of having Restoration you invited outside in a less dusty environment. But as your evenings and weekends will already be full, you risk counting the time spent at the restaurant in equivalent cans of paint!

A good compromise to maintain your relationships without wasting time on your work schedule: invite your friends to come and lend a hand! A good way to combine the useful and the pleasant, to then remake the world around a well-deserved Roof Restoration refreshment once the task is accomplished!Your new lifestyle will undoubtedly lead to a number of more or less encouraging and sympathetic reactions and reflections from those around you. Like preparing for a wedding or other big life projects, it’s a good way to sort out your relationships …

12. Proud Of Yourself, You Will Be!

Doing your own home is no small feat! In no time, you will have transformed yourself into a site manager, estimate negotiator, painter, plumber, electrician, gardener, while keeping a professional and family life! Well done !Of course, it does not move as fast as you would like, and you Roof Restoration always see the small flaws, but it is you and your darling who are the project managers of this beautiful project, from A to Z, and you can to be proud of it!

Natalie Leary