Plumbing for the bathroom

Plumbing is an essential element of any bathroom. Until recently, the choice of plumbing elements was influenced only by their functional components. Today, a beautiful sink or an elegant faucet is a great opportunity to demonstrate your taste and create the perfect bathroom interior.


The main requirements for plumbing are comforted in use, hygiene, and functionality. Everything else is taken into account based on personal wishes and capabilities. Each type of plumbing has its own differences, we will consider them in more detail.


All plumbing can be conditionally divided into just two groups:

  • products for outdoor installation;
  • built-in products (or the so-called rough plumbing).

The first group has long been considered a classic and is very popular in our time. But if we talk about comfort, then outdoor plumbing is good to install in large bathrooms, where there is enough space to translate any ideas.

If there is a need to save space, then it is best to choose concealed built-in plumbing fixtures , which allows you to free up space in the room, while being practical and easy to use.

Mostly modern bathrooms include a few must-haves.

Until recently, all bathrooms had heavy cast iron bathtubs. With the advent of new technologies, the range of these products has been replenished with lighter and no less durable acrylic products. They keep warm well, are easy to clean, and durable. Acrylic is a high-quality material that is resistant to mold and mildew. But its biggest plus is the ability to take any form. Thanks to this, the production of shaped and non-standard baths was put on the conveyor.

However, even today there are manufacturers producing cast iron baths. Their retro style and excellent quality are still highly regarded in the market.

Almost all modern manufacturers offer products with additional functions: jacuzzi, seats, armrests, LED lighting.

Shower cabins

These products have appeared just recently, but have already taken their rightful place among the most popular plumbing fixtures. Their advantages are compact size, low weight, high strength. For small bathrooms, showers are the right way to usefully organize space.

The usual cabin is familiar to everyone. Hydrosauna is a “steam room at home”, but a hydro shower is something between a simple shower and a “Charcot shower”. Jacuzzi cabins are small hydroboxes, in which instead of a pallet there is a small bathtub with built-in Jacuzzi elements.


The choice of these products is the widest. In stores you can find products of different shapes, colors, sizes. And they all look just gorgeous.

Models of washstands, in addition to design, also differ in the way of installation. There are so-called tulip shells (with a pedestal) that are attached to the floor, furniture cabinets, and products with wall brackets. Each of them is good in its own way, but consumers are especially fond of sinks with pedestals, inside which you can hide water pipes and a siphon.

Typically, mixers are made from brass or stainless metal alloys. The former is considered more durable and durable, the latter is inferior in quality, but with proper care, they can last for many years.

Porcelain has a smooth, dust-repellent surface that makes it easy to clean. But porcelain is a more heavy and expensive material that “does not like” bumps and other influences – any scratch will be clearly visible on the shiny surface of a porcelain sink or toilet bowl.

Composite materials

Such plumbing appeared thanks to the achievements of modern developments and has solid advantages: impact resistance, resistance to chemicals and acids, ease of maintenance, smooth surface. The only drawback is the high price, which not everyone can afford.


The luxurious appearance of sanitary ware made from natural materials outshines all other products. It is strong and durable and is included in the premium model lists. But it is very difficult to care for such products due to their porous structure.


Attractive glassware has recently hit store shelves. They successfully compete with the most luxurious models made from more reliable materials in appearance, but their strength properties are much worse than earthenware or porcelain. Difficulty in leaving is another drawback.


One of the most popular materials with many advantages: lightweight, easy-care, low cost, and unlimited processing possibilities. Acrylic is used to make original bathtubs and sinks of round, rectangular, triangular, or wavy shapes. The disadvantages of acrylic include sensitivity to mechanical stress: it is “afraid” of abrasive and powdery products, metal brushes, as well as cuts, scratches, and impacts.

This material is best suited for the production of mixers. Bronze products are classified as elite plumbing fixtures, as the products have a stunning appearance. In addition, they turn out to be very strong, reliable, and durable. However, their original design cannot be called universal for any interior – it needs an appropriate environment.

Rob Prosser