Sign: Criteria for effective advertising

A sign is a visiting card of any company or organization that is engaged in a trade or provides any services. The purpose of the sign is to inform customers that a specific company, store, etc. is actually located here. It also often marks the entrance to the company.

It is placed on the facade, but not only next to the entrance, but also within the boundaries of the windows, above or below the window openings. It can also be placed on any part of the outer wall of the building within the premises where the company operates. But to attract customers and increase sales, it is not enough to place it correctly Рit is important to know what it should be in terms of external performance and design.

The first thing to consider is size.¬†Dimensions must be selected based on the information that is planned to be placed.¬†It is easier for a person to perceive the proportions of 1: 3, 1: 2, and 3: 5.¬†The most common sizes are 40×60 cm.

What else needs to be considered when designing:

  • Correct font.¬†In general, the choice of font style depends on personal preference.¬†But it is worth considering the direction of the business.¬†If it’s a legal company, the font should be strict.¬†For a coffee shop or creative studio, the choice is wider, and more artistic fonts can be used.¬†The main thing is that they are well-read.¬†You shouldn’t use more than two fonts – they should be combined with each other.
  • Font size and letter spacing.¬†If there is one word or sentence, you should limit yourself to a font of the same size.¬†The maximum that can be done is to highlight 1-2 words using capital letters.¬†With text in several lines, you can alternate lines with uppercase and lowercase letters.¬†When using a font of the same size, it is worth using the same letter spacing.

What should be on the advertising and information sign of the store

In the case of a sign, there are only a couple of seconds to impress the person and make him want to go inside. For this reason, it should not be overloaded with information and text. If the name is indicated, then let it be only the name, if the slogan is a short but catchy phrase, and if the advertisement is an intriguing and again short description.

The advertising sign should contain the name and a brief description of the type of activity. 

Mandatory information on an information is:

  • name of the company;
  • location (legal address);
  • operating mode.

It is allowed to place a registered trademark, service marks and decorative elements on the sign.

Selling color signs

When choosing a shade of a sign, consider the environment. If there are several in bright colors with backlighting nearby, then it is better to choose the completely opposite option. This will allow you to stand out against the background of the environment Рthe person will immediately pay attention to what is out of the crowd. Therefore, this should be different from others in color, size, and shape.

Another rule is that the color must match the company and its activities. If the organization has a corporate style, then it is worth using its characteristic shades. If not, you need to take into account the direction of the business. For example:

  • a company that organizes holidays needs a bright sign;
  • flashy shades will be inappropriate for an office building.

In order for the sign to be harmonious, it is necessary to correctly combine the colors. It can be one color, but in several tones (lighter and darker). Contrasting colors are no less popular – bright red and pale pink, etc. Often, in the signs you can find colors that are completely incompatible at first glance:

  • yellow and purple;
  • red and green;
  • blue and orange.

The following combinations can be cited as attractive color combinations on signs:

  • White, red, yellow.
  • White, red, green.
  • White, green, yellow.
  • White, red, purple.
  • Orange and blue.
  • Yellow and blue.
  • Purple and lime.
  • Green and deep red.

When choosing in favor of volumetric letters, it is necessary to provide for the color of the side to differ from the shade of the front. Otherwise, letters will merge from afar. The optimal combination is considered to be no more than 2-4 colors, and designers advise to choose so that they are in harmony with the facade.

Illuminated signs are considered the most visible, but it is important that they are not located near the windows of living quarters.¬†The color also depends on the purpose of the object.¬†For a children’s store, these are mischievous and bright colors, for a men’s clothing store – dark, strict tones combined with strictly outlined fonts, and for a restaurant – calm pastels or rich colors, for example, gold.


According to designers, the best advertising signs today follow the principle of “beauty is in simplicity”. Therefore, you can safely use classical solutions. The main rule in the design of signboards is the exclusion of variegation and “luridness”, which repel rather than attract a buyer.

Rob Prosser