Printing services are widely used in various fields: entrepreneurship, political science, marketing. There are the following types of printing services: leaflets and booklets, brochures, letterheads, notebooks, folders, and envelopes.

Also in the printing services house, you can order calendars, business cards, cubes, tags, and labels. 


A form is a special form to fill out. It contains information about the organization and is produced in its corporate identity. Often, forms are made in A4 sheet format.

Letterhead may include:

  • logo;
  • Name of the organization;
  • contacts;
  • payment details.


There are information and advertising leaflets. They are of a higher quality than letterheads. Flyers are often used in advertising to draw attention to specific products or services.


A booklet is a sheet of paper that is folded in several layers and carries certain information. Booklets are used for advertising, at exhibitions, in company offices. 


A brochure is a printing services that the product consists of several sheets of paper. They are held together with glue or a spring. For example, brochures are used by various companies in order to familiarize customers with their new products, new products. They are also used at scientific conferences, seminars. 

The calendar

The calendar is a printing services that product with a calendar grid, produced in different types and formats. For example, there are desk and wall calendars, pocket, flip-flop, etc.

Business card

A business card is a small rectangular sheet made of different materials: cardboard, plastic, or wood. A business card can contain information about a specific person, firm, company, or information about service.


A folder is a printing services that the product is used for documents. Folders are usually produced in an organization style in A4 format.


The notebook contains a certain number of sheets of paper that are held together with glue, thread, or a spring. Notebook sheets can be of various types, sizes and colors. 

The envelope

An envelope is a printing product in which papers and documents are often stored or sent. Envelopes can be of various types. For example, by purpose they are distinguished:

  • postage;
  • branded;
  • for CDs. 


Kovarik Рa stack of sheets that are fastened on one side and easily torn off the base. This type of printing product is used in offices when it is necessary to quickly record a small amount of information. 


The label is small. The labels indicate product information. For example, when opening your own clothing brand, you first need to come up with a name, create a logo, and print labels. In order to do all this, entrepreneurs turn to a printing house. 


Tags are a sheet of durable paper or cardboard. It differs from the label with hinged fasteners.

Types of printing services

  • Design creation¬†¬†– we think over an individual interesting design, all stages of work are carried out in close contact with the client.¬†Composing all graphic and color elements into a complete file;
  • Logo development¬†¬†– we form an individual logo that is remembered by a potential client;
  • Revision of the existing material¬†¬†– if the client has his own material, we carry out the revision and further printing;
  • All types of printing services¬†¬†– we carry out according to the client’s order;
  • Lamination¬†¬†– we¬†carry¬†out such decorative processing of the material using high-quality materials.

The printing services are often used by various firms, companies, commercial organizations, entrepreneurs. 

Large printing services have copywriter and designer services. They help to bring products to the highest quality result. 


Post-printing processing of printed and advertising products consists of several stages. After printing, they work on the product further, and only after all the necessary manipulations have been completed, the product reaches the customer. It should be noted that the production time of products is different. Post-printing processing directly depends on the material from which the product is made. 

Cutting sheets

Sheets are cut for almost every product. It helps you get the exact look and size of your print and remove white margins. Sometimes there are several products on one sheet that need to be separated from each other. This is called cutting of printed products. 


There are types of printing products that have a special line that is pressed into a recess. The creasing service extends the product’s usage time. In places where the paper is bent, it does not break and the paint does not deteriorate. The crease can also be used on laminated surfaces. 


Folding is when you apply fold lines to the paper to shape it. Often, folding is done on medium hard paper, and if the paper is very thick, then first you need to crease. 


Saddle stitching is a method of binding sheets together. There are several types of binding: 

  • using a staple;
  • seamless adhesive bonding;
  • spring.


Foil stamping is a method of applying a pattern or lettering to the surface of paper. Business cards are decorated with foil. Execution in various colors is possible.

Rounding corners

Often, the edges of printed products are very sharp, which makes them unusable or can easily be injured. To make the product look neat, safe and practical, round the corners. 

Die cutting

Die-cutting is performed to shape the product. Manufactured on the following materials: paper, plastic, cardboard and leather.


The process by which tear-off parts are made for certain printed products. This is done with special knives. 


Lamination of printed products is carried out to protect against external influences. There are several types of lamination:

  • glossy lamination makes the image better, adds contrast and saturation to colors;
  • matte lamination makes the image deep and voluminous. 
  • soft touch lamination is very soft and velvety to the touch, more durable to use. Maintains image quality and clarity.  

Rob Prosser