Wedding rings, what should be?

Wedding rings, because of the circle without roughness Рa symbol of eternity, purity, and innocence. So, unbreakable love. It is willingly believed that the life of the newlyweds will be in love and harmony. This jewelry is worn for decades, and gold will not fail: it shines and shimmers regardless of the conditions and the end of time.

Gold¬†585 ¬į¬†(sample) contains 58.5% of the precious metal,¬†750 ¬į¬†– 75%.¬†Other additives.¬†Jewelers love these samples precisely for their strength.

  • Thanks to palladium, the rings do not scratch, do not deform and do not cause allergies.
  • Thanks to nickel, do not fade.

Be that as it may, designers recommend moving away from classic wedding rings.¬†Now in vogue are massive rings: for brides – wide with embossing, for brides –¬†with a stone¬†in the center or a¬†placer, located in different positions.¬†Of course,¬†platinum, designer and engraved models are an order of magnitude more expensive.¬†The question is an inconvenience.¬†It is better if the stone does not protrude, and the product itself is¬†flat¬†– rounded on the outside and inside.¬†So it does not catch on clothes and does not injure a finger.

Below is a detailed guide on how to choose the right wedding rings.

How to choose a wedding ring?

In the cold, the fingers narrow, in the heat they expand, so take the wedding rings not close. The decoration should sit freely on your fingers and not fall off. Do not ignore this rule, to lose a wedding ring is a bad sign: they say the family will fall apart. And the protected, as they say, God protects. So be it!

What wedding rings can not be bought?

Not sealed and without a warranty card. Information about products should be attached to jewelry Рthe specified test of gold (compare with a mark on a ring), the article, the size, weight, and a mark about the GOST standard.

Graceful rings look on thin fingers. On large Рwide. Which to choose? Usually, men are skeptical about diamond inserts and prefer smooth classics. It is important for them that the ring was comfortable and did not interfere. And women, on the contrary, want to shine, shine, sparkle, but try to find compromise options to please themselves and their husbands.

Now the wedding rings do not have to match in style. The main thing is that you like the decoration and look beautiful not only in photos but also in real-time.

  • Yellow¬†gold combined with¬†white is¬†spectacular “I can’t”.¬†White metal highlights¬†diamonds¬†favorably: the play of metal and stone is the same as ice and flame.¬†Looks harmonious.
  • In models where diamonds and a¬†diamond face¬†are combined, the diamond notch gives an additional glow.¬†Stones and metal shimmer even when contaminated.¬†But this can be fixed.¬†Wash the product in a soap solution, and it is like new.
  • The eye can not be distracted from the jewelry, which is composed of white and¬†red¬†gold.¬†The effect of the crown is obtained.¬†Very worthy ring: it is strong, cast, it is difficult to deform.
  • Jewelry with a 3D effect seems three-dimensional.¬†In fact, they are neither wide nor narrow.¬†These are comfortable to wear and easy to clean.
  • And yes, products with inserts have a special purpose.¬†If you believe in the magic of stones, such wedding rings will bring good luck, wealth, and understanding.¬†So glad to you and love!¬†And behind the rings – to us.

Find your ideal wedding rings easily

Wedding rings for long fingers

Fingers can be long by nature or look elongated due to nail extensions. They are combined with:

  • rings with the main stone in the facet “princess”;
  • wide solid and consist of several strips of metal (for example, white, red, and yellow gold);
  • rings on two phalanges, including with openwork patterns.

Beauty for thin fingers

Thin fingers can be long and short. If you want to visually lengthen them, abandon the wide models in favor of elegance with one stone. For long thin fingers the best option would be:

  • rings or paths of small stones of different colors;
  • rings¬†in ethnic style with patterns.

Decorate short fingers

Regardless of its width, your task is to “stretch” your finger, to make it royally graceful. This will help:

  • inserts cut “oval”, “pear”, “awning”;
  • rectangular emerald – a win-win situation that enchants with its shape and color;
  • a ring with a thin rim will make the finger visually more graceful and long.

What a “face” wide fingers

It is better for owners of wide fingers to use:

  • wide stones – oval, rectangular, diamond-shaped, because narrow will further emphasize the volume;
  • rims of medium thickness, abandoning the narrow (be sure to try the option with a thin side rim, which extends to the front of the jewelry);
  • asymmetrical awkward structures that allow you to minimize the thickness of the finger;
  • engraving;
  • dark stones – sapphires, emeralds, cubic zirconia, opals.

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